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1Which two statements are reasons why UDP is used for voice and video traffic instead of TCP? (Choose two.)
TCP requires all data packets to be delivered for the data to be usable.
The acknowledgment process of TCP introduces delays that break the streams of data.
UDP does not have mechanisms for retransmitting lost packets.
UDP tolerates delays and compensates for them.
TCP is a connectionless protocol that provides end-to-end reliability.
UDP is a connection-oriented protocol that provides end-to-end reliability.

Which functional component of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture is responsible for hosting internal servers?
enterprise campus
enterprise edge
service provider edge
building distribution

Which two solutions would an enterprise IT department use to facilitate secure intranet access for remote workers? (Choose two.)
user authentication
client firewall software
packet sniffing

What is the purpose of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture?
remove the three-layer hierarchical model and use a flat network approach
divide the network into functional components while still maintaining the concept of Core, Distribution, and Access Layers
provide services and functionality to the core layer by grouping various components into a single component located in the access layer
reduce overall network traffic by grouping server farms, the management server, corporate intranet, and e-commerce routers in the same layer

In which functional area of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture should IDS and IPS be located to detect and prevent malicious activity from outside?
enterprise campus
WAN and Internet
enterprise edge
service provider edge

What is a benefit of having an extranet?
It provides web-like access to company information for employees only.
It limits access to corporate information to secure VPN or remote access connections only.
It allows customers and partners to access company information by connecting to a public web server.
It allows suppliers and contractors to access confidential internal information using controlled external connections.

What does VoIP provide to telecommuters?
high-quality, live-video presentations
real-time voice communications over the Internet
ability to share desktop applications simultaneously
secure, encrypted data transmissions through the Internet

What can be found at the enterprise edge?
Internet, VPN, and WAN modules
Internet, PSTN, and WAN services
server farms and network managementconsultant must use Internet websites to research a report on the e-business strategies of several firms and then electronically deliver the report to a group of clients in cities throughout the worl
campus infrastructure, including access layer devices

Which task would typically only require services located at the access layer of the hierarchical design model?
connecting to the corporate web server to update sales figures
using a VPN from home to send data to the main office servers
printing a meeting agenda on a local departmental network printer
placing a VoIP call to a business associate in another country
responding to an e-mail from a co-worker in another department

What are two important characteristics or functions of devices at the Enterprise Edge? (Choose two.)
providing Internet, telephone, and WAN services to the enterprise network
providing a connection point for end-user devices to the enterprise network
providing high-speed backbone connectivity with redundant connections
providing intrusion detection and intrusion prevention to protect the network against malicious activity
providing packet inspection to determine if incoming packets should be allowed on the enterprise network

The ABC Corporation implements the network for its new headquarters using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture. The network administrator wants to filter the traffic from and to the outside world. Where should the administrator deploy a firewall device?
server farm
enterprise edge
enterprise campus
service provider edge

Which two measures help ensure that a hardware problem does not cause an outage in an enterprise LAN that supports mission critical services? (Choose two.)
providing failover capability
installing redundant power supplies
purchasing more bandwidth from the ISP
enabling half-duplex connectivity to access layer devices
installing routers that can handle a greater amount of throughput

Which statement describes the difference between an enterprise WAN and an enterprise extranet?
An enterprise WAN is designed to interconnect local LANs, while an enterprise extranet is designed to interconnect remote branch offices.
An enterprise WAN is designed to interconnect branch offices, while an enterprise extranet is designed to give access to external business partners.
An enterprise WAN is designed to provide remote access for its teleworkers, while an enterprise extranet is designed to provide Internet connectivity for the enterprise.
An enterprise WAN is designed to provide Internet connectivity for the enterprise, while an enterprise extranet is designed to provide remote access to the enterprise network for teleworkers.

What are two important guidelines when using packet sniffers to determine traffic flow patterns? (Choose two.)
Capture only traffic from a single application at a time.
Perform the capture on several different network segments.
Create a baseline capture during a low or non-utilization period.
Relocate highly active servers before attempting the capture.
Capture traffic during peak utilization times.

A remote user needs to access a networking device on the internal network of the company. The transactions between the remote user and the device must be secure. Which protocol enables this to happen securely?

A business consultant must use Internet websites to research a report on the e-business strategies of several firms and then electronically deliver the report to a group of clients in cities throughout the world. Which two teleworker tools can the consultant use to accomplish this project? (Choose two.)

How does a VPN work to support remote user productivity?
It uses SSL to encrypt remote user logins to the corporate intranet.
It uses secure Telnet for remote user connections to internal network devices.
It creates a virtual circuit that allows real-time communications between any two Internet endpoints.
It uses encapsulation to create a secure tunnel for transmission of data across non-secure networks.

Why is TCP the preferred Layer 4 protocol for transmitting data files?
TCP is more reliable than UDP because it requires lost packets to be retransmitted.
TCP requires less processing by the source and destination hosts than UDP.
UDP introduces delays that degrade the quality of the data applications.
TCP ensures fast delivery because it does not require sequencing or acknowledgements.

What type of traffic flow is always considered to be external?
file sharing traffic
system updates
company e-mail
Internet bound traffic
transaction processing

What are two benefits of controlling the flow of traffic in an enterprise network? (Choose two.)
smaller failure domains
more reliable transaction processing
bandwidth optimization
local control of network services

What is the main purpose of the Access Layer in a hierarchically designed network?
performs routing and packet manipulation
supplies redundancy and failover protection
provides a high-speed, low-latency backbone
serves as a network connection point for end-user devices

Which three items can be discovered by using a packet sniffer application? (Choose three.)
network transmission speed
source IP address
Ethernet frame type
duplex operational status
near-end crosstalk (NEXT) level
TCP sequence number

What are two benefits to an employee of teleworking? (Choose two.)
reduced commuting costs
reduced network complexity
reduced need for support staff
reduced need for expensive business attire
reduced security risks to the network infrastructure

Which protocol and process could be implemented on a network to ensure that a telecommuter can attend a training presentation via the use of VoIP and still experience uninterrupted data streams and quality conversations?
TCP and QoS
UDP and QoS
TCP and queuing

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What feature enables network devices to be scalable?
a fixed number of interfaces
ease of repair
low maintenance requirements
low cost

The IT manager of a medium-sized business wishes to house the company-owned web servers in a facility that offers round-the-clock controlled access, redundant power, and high-bandwidth Internet access. Which ISP service will fulfill this need?
web hosting
planning and provisioning
application hosting
***equipment collocation***
Tier 1 ISP services

Which network utility helps determine the location of network problems and identifies routers that packets travel across?

What are three main types of high-bandwidth connection options used by medium- to large-sized businesses? (Choose three.)
cable modem
***metro Ethernet***

When does a host device issue an ICMP echo request?
***to initiate a ping to determine if a destination address is reachable***
to respond to a DNS name query
to broadcast its identity to its locally connected neighbors
to request the MAC address of a destination IP address

What is the purpose of an RFC?
to provide the connection point for multiple ISPs to the Internet
***to document the development and approval of an Internet standard**
to indicate a contract that a customer signs when purchasing co-location services
to document agreements between an ISP and the customer

What units are used to measure Internet bandwidth?
***bits per second***
bytes per second
megabytes per second
packets per second


Refer to the exhibit. A host is having problems maintaining a connection to a server at Which statement best describes the output of the ping command?
The server is shut down.
The server has no route back to the host.
Two routers along the path are not responding to pings.
***Some packets made it to the destination.***
Ping services are not supported on the destination.

What three support service teams are commonly found within an ISP? (Choose three.)
***help desk***
computer support
application readiness
***network operations center***
***planning and provisioning***
implementation and documentation

Which network support services team is responsible for testing a new customer connection and for monitoring the ongoing operation of the link?
customer service
help desk
***network operations***
on-site installation

Which two things can be determined by using the ping command? (Choose two.)
the number of routers between the source and destination device
the IP address of the router nearest the destination device
***the average time it takes a packet to reach the destination and for the response to return to the source***
***whether or not the destination device is reachable through the network***
the average time it takes each router in the path between source and destination to respond

What is the maximum T1 transmission speed?
56 kbps
128 kbps
***1.544 Mbps***
2.4 Mbps

What interconnects the Internet backbone?
satellite dishes


Refer to the exhibit. Host A cannot connect to the web server at Based on the output of the tracert command, which device is most likely causing the problem?
Router A
Router B
Router C
Router D
Router E
***Router F***

Which statement describes a function of a Tier 1 ISP?
***peers with other similarly sized ISPs to form the global Internet backbone***
uses the services of Tier 3 ISPs to connect to the global Internet backbone
pays Tier 2 ISPs for transit services to connect across continents
limits the offered services to small geographic areas

What was the original purpose of the Internet?
voice communication

Which ISP network support systems team will typically contact the customer once a new circuit is ready and guide the customer in setting up passwords and other account information?
***help desk***
customer service
network operations center
on-site installation team
planning and provisioning

At which point do individuals and small businesses connect directly to the ISP network to obtain Internet access?
***at a POP***
at an IXP
at a Metro Ethernet link
on the ISP extranet

Which network support services team identifies whether the client site has existing network hardware and circuits installed?
customer service
help desk
network operations
***planning and provisioning***

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What is true about implementing a centralized server farm topology?
requires direct cabling from the MPOE to enhance the performance of servers
requires the addition of high-capacity switches to each workgroup
**provides defined entry and exit points so that filtering and securing traffic is easier
allows for placement of workgroup servers at the access layer

What are three ways to ensure that an unwanted user does not connect to a wireless network and view the data? (Choose three.)
**Disable SSID broadcasting.
Configure filters to restrict IP addresses.
**Use authentication between clients and the wireless device.
Use NetBIOS name filtering between clients and the wireless device.
**Configure strong encryption such as WPA.
Use a WEP compression method.

Centralizing servers in a data center server farm can provide which benefit over a distributed server environment?
It keeps client-to-server traffic local to a single subnet.
Servers located in a data center require less bandwidth.
** It is easier to filter and prioritize traffic to and from the data center.
Server farms are not subject to denial of service attacks.

Which two statements are true regarding network convergence? (Choose two.)
**In a large network, using the EIGRP or OSPF routing protocols rather than RIPv2 may improve convergence time.
Using STP at the core layer improves convergence time by allowing the use of redundant links between devices.
**Route summarization improves convergence time by minimizing the size of the routing table.
A full mesh topology improves convergence time by allowing load balancing.
ACLs can be configured to improve convergence time.

The network administrator is designing network connectivity for a home teleworker. The teleworker needs secure access to download and upload documents on the network file server. What network connection would be most cost efficient while still meeting the security and connectivity needs of this teleworker?
dedicated leased line connection with a dialup backup link
**Frame Relay connection with a DSL backup link
DSL VPN connection with a dialup backup link
ATM connection with a DSL VPN backup link
DSL connection with no backup link

In a well-designed, high-availability network, which device significantly affects the most users if a failure occurs?
desktop PC of the user
large switch in the network core layer
large switch in the network distribution layer
**small workgroup switch in the network access layer


Refer to the exhibit. If the firewall module has been correctly configured using best practices for network security, which statement is true about the security design for the network?
Servers in the network are not protected from internal attacks.
**Servers in the DMZ are protected from internal and external attacks.
Servers in the server farm are protected from internal and external attacks.
Traffic from the external networks is not able to access the servers in the DMZ.

Which three statements describe the functions of the Cisco hierarchical network design model? (Choose three.)
Route summarization is not necessary at the core and distribution layers.
**The distribution layer is responsible for traffic filtering and isolating failures from the core.
**Two goals of the core layer are 100 percent uptime and maximizing throughput.
**The access layer provides a means of connecting end devices to the network.
The distribution layer distributes network traffic directly to end users.
The core layer usually employs a star topology.

Which three functions are performed at the distribution layer of the hierarchical network model? (Choose three.)
**summarizing routes from the access layer
allowing end users to access the local network
providing the gateway of last resort for core layer devices
preserving bandwidth at the access layer by filtering network functions
**isolating network problems to prevent them from affecting the core layer
**utilizing redundant links for load balancing to increase available bandwidth

A network designer is creating a new network. The design must offer enough redundancy to provide protection against a single link or device failure, yet must not be too complex or expensive to implement. What topology would fill these needs?
full mesh
**partial mesh
extended star
hub and spoke


Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements correctly describe the benefits of the network access layer design that is shown? (Choose two.)
** If host A sends a broadcast message, only hosts in VLAN10 receive the broadcast frame.
If host A attempts to transmit data at the same time as another host, only hosts in VLAN10 are affected by the collision.
**Segmenting all voice traffic on a separate VLAN facilitates the implementation of QoS.
VLANs improve network performance by facilitating the use of route summarization.
VLANs at the access layer help guarantee network availability by facilitating load balancing.


Refer to the exhibit. What effect does the ACL shown have on network traffic, assuming that it is correctly applied to the interface?
All traffic to network is denied.
All TCP traffic is denied to and from network
**All Telnet traffic from the network to any destination is denied.
All port 23 traffic to the network is denied.
All traffic from the network is denied to any other network.

Which Cisco IOS function can be configured at the distribution layer to filter unwanted traffic and provide traffic management?
virus protection
spyware protection
**access control lists


Refer to the exhibit. What happens when Host 1 attempts to send data?
Frames from Host 1 are dropped, but no other action is taken.
** Frames from Host 1 cause the interface to shut down, and a log message is sent.
Frames from Host 1 are forwarded, but a log message is sent.
Frames from Host 1 are forwarded, and the mac-address table is updated.


What are two mechanisms that provide redundancy for server farm implementations? (Choose two.)
host intrusion prevention systems
virtual private networks
network intrusion prevention systems
**Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
**Hot Standby Routing Protocol

What kind of ACL inspects outbound UDP, TCP, and ICMP traffic and allows inbound access only to traffic that belongs to these established sessions?
dynamic ACL
time-based ACL
**reflexive ACL
lock and key ACL


Refer to the exhibit. The server broadcasts an ARP request for the MAC address of its default gateway. If STP is not enabled, what is the result of this ARP request?
Router_1 contains the broadcast and replies with the MAC address of the next-hop router.
Switch_A replies with the MAC address of the Router_1 E0 interface.
**Switch_A and Switch_B continuously flood the message onto the network.
Switch_B forwards the broadcast request and replies with the Router_1 address.


Refer to the exhibit. Which two devices are part of the access design layer? (Choose two.)

What address can be used to summarize only networks,,, and

Which statement is true about a DMZ in a traditional network firewall design?
A DMZ is designed to provide service for external access but not for internal access.
**Servers in the DMZ provide limited information that can be accessed from external networks.
User access to the DMZ from the Internet and the internal network usually is treated the same way.
All servers in the enterprise network should be located in a DMZ because of enhanced security measures.

The ability to connect securely to a private network over a public network is provided by which WAN technology?
Frame Relay

Which two considerations are valid when designing access layer security? (Choose two.)
In a large wireless network, the most efficient method to secure the WLAN is MAC address filtering.
DoS attacks are normally launched against end-user PCs and can be mitigated by installing personal firewalls on all company PCs.
**SSH is more secure than Telnet to administer network devices.
**Disabling unused ports on the switches helps prevent unauthorized access to the network.
All Telnet passwords are at least 6 characters long.

Which two items in a physical WLAN design can be identified through a site survey? (Choose two.)
**the types of antennas that are required
the encryption techniques that are required
**the access point hardware that is required
the different levels of access that are required
the connection reliability that is required


Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator creates a standard access control list to prohibit traffic from the network from reaching the network while still permitting Internet access for all networks. On which router interface and in which direction should it be applied?
interface fa0/0, inbound
interface fa0/0, outbound
interface fa0/1, inbound
**interface fa0/1, outbound

What are two best practices in wireless LAN design to ensure secure wireless access to the corporate network? (Choose two.)
Configure APs for broadcast SSID.
Place APs as far apart as possible.
***Use a separate WLAN for employees.
**Configure WPA.
Use wireless routers in all IDFs.